We all need it.

yarn-allTo say that things are strange might imply that some sort of “voodoo” is at work or that powerful forces, unseen and unknown are at play (probably in the middle of the night). One thing that I personally find strange is our inability to allow ourselves to be loved. There always has to be some pay-off or reciprocation. “I love you” (Oh my god….they love me so I better love them back, but better).

“I love you too, but even more so.”

“What? When I said that I loved you, I meant forever.”

“That’s great, but I love you forever and a day.”

“Jesus! Can you just allow me to love you more that anyone has ever loved anyone, ever? For fuck sake! My love is far more powerful and important than you can ever, ever comprehend. I am the “bong” of love. The King (or Queen) of L-O-V-E. The orgasmic guru of the love machine!”

Obviously I am just having fun. But, it really is rather sad that even with love we feel guilty when we get it, pressured when we give it and often expect some worthless plastic vacuum plated trophy to be awarded after spending (or wasting) a lifetime loving those that did not deserve it, because we never got it back.

Love is not an investment so that we can reap a 12% return on the initial down-payment. We do it because we do it. In other words….loving is a life-force, a necessity in order to feel and participate in the energy of living. It is as important as breathing. We don’t need to get a bonus at the end of the year, but we also have to realize that if there is no authentic return on this emotion, a un-biased and un-forced reciprocation, no holes bared just because, then we are really wasting our spiritual energy. And the most important one to love is ourselves, because if we don’t we can never really love anyone else.

We all need love to exist. -The Warrior