Voting Trash….

Voting bin

We consider ourselves lucky in a democratic country that we have the right to vote and chose a candidate from one of a variety of parties that range from right to left, Fascism to Communism. However, it is fascinating that when the party or candidate with the most votes gets into office, the following four years or so are oh so reminiscent of the last four years or so. What happened? Could it be that as the new government files into the parliament buildings, that some kind of apparatus, some kind of energy-weapon blasts at their minds and reconditions them to fall in line and follow the script that is written by those who truly rule the planet. Of course, if we had three candidates such as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin to choose from then I guess the notion of democracy goes out the window. I think that “Non-of-the -above” sounds better and better. -The Warrior