The Ruling Elite, rich and greedy!

Pigs at the troughTo believe that a powerful, super-wealthy group does not exist is a fantasy similar to thinking the world is flat. Greed and control appear to be common human traits seen throughout history. If you were a billionaire how much power would you wish to give to the public especially if it effected your “bottom-line”? The question though is to what extent does this control exist. Is it benign or overt? How far would an elitist group go in order to gain control or exert control over others? History speaks for itself and believing today that it has all changed for the better is a naive fallacy. The style or methodology might be different and the propaganda has improved but the results are the same, in fact the power exerted by a few is overwhelming.

We know that rulers and authority figures usually claim their position of power based on force and then later, hereditary. How do you think any King or Queen in antiquity became the head of the Tribe, county or country? By force, that’s how. Did the British Empire come about through benevolence and caring? Were nations conquered by handing out scones and rose-bushes? Come on… lets get real here. No, it was created through force, guile and underhanded tactics. The groundwork of subjugation was established millennia ago; a claimed superiority based on religion, race, creed, colour, birth-right etc. This is ingrained in our society, in our heritage, in our history and traditions, etc. The very fabric of our existence is to believe the myth that one group is better than another and we default to these myths and beliefs all the time. We  now believe that the power-base lies with government rather than the People, a tragic mistake. Do you think for example that “countries” actually exist? Do you believe that longitude and latitude are real, that these lines are actually painted on the planets surface…of course not. It’s either for convenience or accepted social norms… and nothing is wrong with many of them. But confusing reality with these quaint myths can lead to problems.

It has always been an obsession of the Ruling Elite to prove conclusively that their social standing was the result of a Godly right along with mental superiority and not the fact that they lied, robbed and bullied their way to the top. If only they could finally prove that they were entitled to everything and the People to nothing, then there would be no need to exert so much energy in trying to keep the status quo and the People downtrodden. The People would accept the fact that they were dumb and stupid and that their job was to serve the Elite who were bright and exceptional. Throughout antiquity, they touted the “fact” that they had a God-given right to rule and subjugate the Masses starting with the “Divine Right of Kings” which today has morphed into the “Divine Right of Corporations”. -The Warrior