Banksters are just like Mr. Creosote

Mr CreosoteThe financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 was the biggest theft ever and most likely, if it had been any bigger, would have ended our civilization as we know it. The only thing that eclipses this crime in shear gob-smacking amazement, is the utter lack of outrage by the general public and American’s in particular. Staggering! The complacency that followed this is just beyond belief.

The crime was simple. Take a financial vehicle, a bond, that smelled like dog shit, that was as reliable as pond ice in July, that was wrapped in more toxic excrement and then class as Triple A, prime beef. An investors dream.

Then, when the shit literally hit the fan, when this noxious putrid hologram was exposed for its counterfeit vacuum, the governments (mainly the United States) did the only thing it could to cover up the crime. It took the publics money, the very people that had been screwed by the Banks in the first place and gave it to the criminals who knew exactly what they were doing.

The sad part is that if you don’t understand that you have had anal penetration like never before, that the whole system is a fraud and that your corrupt government colluded with the Banksters… well to be honest, you will never understand anything in the world we call reality. A great movie that explains this crime is “The Big Short” found on NetFlix. -The Warrior