Warriors Spirit


Some people have asked about the name “WarriorSlave”, that it is a contradiction in terms. Yes, of course it is. It is simply the juxtaposing of two words; “warrior” and “slave”. The unfortunate truth becomes clear, that the entire world is enslaved one way or another. We live in a dept system, beholding financially, not to our country or our family and friends, but to a secretive “private” banking network that extracts as much wealth from us as possible and leaves us in ruin. We are the “cash-cow” that is exploited at every level. Anything and everything that can be used against us, is. Food, health, taxation, banking, media, entertainment and on and on. Thus, we are slaves to this machine. But, we have the ability to be Warriors as well as slaves. Warriors have honour, integrity and self-control. Warriors know that they can be poor and physically weak, but posses strength-of-mind and strength of purpose. Warriors know what is right and do not need to be told by others. They do not need a Messiah or Saviour to raise them from the pit, they can do it for themselves. They do not need to beat others and steal their inheritance, their property or their freedoms. They do not build themselves up at the expense of the rest.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Warriors knows that evil exists, that it is real, but they don’t turn and run away, they confront it. Warriors fight for their families and friends, not for some evil cabal that has lied to them for centuries. The same cabal that robbed them in the first place, yet told them that someone else did it not them. Warriors break free of the chains that bind us to servitude, hatred and bigotry. Warriors realize that everyone has a right to be a Warrior. -The Warrior