“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tzu


Image by David Dees

Is it possible to have a return to social health and balance? How sick are we? There can be no healing, no improvement and no progress if we not realize that something is fundamentally wrong with society and has been for a very, very long time. Abuse is integral it appears with being human. I am not talking at an individual level but a mass produced, mass executed totality. Abuse is the foundation of society and not just an extension. It has long been established that the People are the fuel and the controllers are the guides. Christianity could not have worded this better than through the image of Jesus as the “Good Shepherd” who lay down His life for the Sheep (a theme stolen of course from much older Pagan ideologies). But, my point is this, that somewhere along the way we got confused and mistook authority for a benevolent deity. It did not take long for the few to realize that the Masses were so malleable and an easy target, so they had no choice but to go ahead and exploit us. Now it has become the norm, that in exchange for our lackadaisical attitude and driving desire not to think, not to complain and not to engage, our rulers will do that for us at the cost of our sacrifice and not theirs. This is the fundamental difference; that our rulers will never lay down their lives for us and until we realize that our world and our reality is the creation of other people, we will stay stuck in never ending servitude. -The Warrior