Eat Shit and Die?


There appears to be a tradition when it comes to the care of those who suffer from mental issues. The “science” of Eugenics studied in the late 1800’s continued for over 100 years. It is a stunning fact that our governments turned a blind eye to the abuses carried out in sanatoriums and hospitals and often the case, actually funded the diabolical experiments carried out by crazed doctors. MK-ULTRA was probably the biggest government (CIA) funded brainwashing program, certainly one that we know about. However, it was not only these mind-control tortures that were taking place. A madman doctor by the name of Krugman deliberately infected children housed at Willowbrook State School, in New York, with hepatitis B. Of course Krugman was revered by his peers and went on the become the president of the American Pediatric Society. -The Warrior

“Dr. Krugman deliberately infected mentally disabled children who were confined at Willowbrook School (NY) with hepatitis B. The school housed 6,000 children in abominable conditions. In one experiment, children were fed excrement containing live hepatitis B virus. In another experiment children were injected with live hepatitis virus in an effort to deliberately infect the children with hepatitis in order to learn about different viruses that caused hepatitis and to find a preventive vaccine. Participation in the study was a condition for admission to institution. This infamous experiment was funded by the US Army and approved by the NYS Department of Mental Hygiene. Dr. Krugman won several awards from his medical peers who called his work, “groundbreaking” without any thought about the abuse and suffering of the children he infected. An expose by Geraldo Rivera in 1972, led to a NYS consent decree that forbids the incarceration of mentally retarded children in large institutions. That same year, Dr. Krugman was elected president of the American Pediatric Society. A documentary about the experiments, Willowbrook won best short film category at the Boston Film Festival, 2012.” -Found at:

1955–1970: Saul Krugman, MD, conducted despicable medical experiments at Willowbrook