We are all Greek!


Is greed a normal and  ubiquitous personality trait? Although there are a few who would hesitate taking something that is “free”, most are not that controlled or discerning and fail to inquire if there is a penalty to be paid down the road. And so it is with debt. “Almost Free Money (AFM)” is a heck of a temptation, but “almost” is a slippery slope. They say that the “Devil is in the details”, but maybe it is in the postponement of obligation that will eventually bite you (or more likely your children) in the backside. And so we are sold yet another fake reality, the perfect illusion. On one hand we are tempted to spend and bribed to invest. We are bullied to the point of blackmail to borrow so that we can fulfill the created dream, the collective dream. Most likely that dream did not exist until in was implanted into our consciousness by outside forces. We used to call it “Keeping up with the Jones’s”. On the other hand we have failed in recognizing that the piper needs to be paid at some point in time, and transferring that eventuality to the next generation is both illogical and immoral.

Greece is a glowing example of population irresponsibility and gullibility. Governments were voted in by the masses and allowed to run-a-muck and squander the inheritance of future generations. And like a blood-drenched vulture the IMF (International Monetary Fund) circled above waiting for the opportunity to buy the country wholesale. Should the young then pay the price for the older generations who squandered their nationhood to a bunch of criminals. This situation is no different to a story about corporate raiders. The expediters of misery do this for a living. They will suck a country or community dry and then complain about the crunchy after-taste of the corpses they just devoured. And if you are naive enough to suggest “Well the Greeks never paid income tax or at least very little”….then allow me to enlighten you. “Income Tax” is not a tax that has any benefit to you, your family or your community. It does not build roads, bridges or schools. It does not educate our children, beautify our communities or ensure better healthcare for the aged. It pays the Shylocks that our entrusted governments borrowed money from. It lines the pockets of the Rothschild’s and other “International Bankers” who funded our military so they could attack any country with resources (of which they take a percentage) and finance our governments in their effort to “Fight Terrorism” even though many terrorist acts are sponsored and created by the very people “fighting” against it.

It’s all nonsense. It’s all “smoke and mirrors”. Where does money come from? Who creates it? “Money” is a receipt in return for labour or exchange of goods. You and I are the labour. We are the “money”, labour is the money. Do you think that these elitist toffs actually have jobs, that they actually engage in labour? They pay people to wipe their bottoms. They are like maggots that hollow out society, steel our finances, enslave us to debt and then sail off to the Greek Islands that they now own.

Companies, countries and populations have been sold off to the highest bidder, but unfortunately there is only one and that is the “Banksters”. We have worth, but only in our labour  including what we will pay in order to be spared the sentence of illness or death, specifically cancer and other health issues, which are related to a toxic global environment, a direct result of exploitation by the mega-corporations. As Chris Hedges says:

“The Greek government kneels before the bankers of Europe begging for mercy because it knows that if it leaves the eurozone, the international banking system will do to Greece what it did to the socialist government of Salvador Allende in 1973 in Chile; it will, as Richard Nixon promised to do in Chile, “make the economy scream.” The bankers will destroy Greece. If this means the Greeks can no longer get medicine—Greece owes European drug makers 1 billion euros—so be it. If this means food shortages—Greece imports thousands of tons of food from Europe a year—so be it. If this means oil and gas shortages—Greece imports 99 percent of its oil and gas—so be
it. The bankers will carry out economic warfare until the current Greek government is ousted and corporate political puppets are back in control.”
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Is it too late to reclaim our sovereignty as humans, as people? Is there actually enough for all or do we have to kowtow to the elite that stole our freedom and future because we paid little attention? Time will tell, but for now we all all Greek. -The Warrior

Artwork by: Tiago Hoisel