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Oil WaveProbably one of the hardest realities for the average person to comprehend is the fact that the mega-global corporations can basically do whatever they want and get away with it. Why? Well the sad truth is that these behemoths have incomes larger than the GDP (gross-domestic-product) of many countries. The income of BP in 2014 was $354 billion (down from $379 billion in 2013). Compare that to the GDP of South Africa which was $351 billion (as per the International Monetary Fund 2014 – This would rate BP at number 33 on the planet and slightly larger than South Africa. The total numbers of countries rated by the IMF is 187.

Add to this that BP is the major supplier of fuel for the United States armed forces and we can see that they are powerful beyond comprehension. The total ecological devastation that took place in the Gulf is mind boggling and as yet we have not seen the ultimate extent of this disaster. The claims by corporate and governmental “talking-heads” that the oil is gone can only be considered a sick joke at best, but fundamentally an outrageous lie. Gone where exactly? An article at states: “10 Million Gallons of ‘Missing Oil’ from 2010 BP Spill Found on Gulf Sea Floor”. The insanity of this statement is that it was never “lost” in the first place. BP sprayed the entire area (and are possibly still doing so) with a toxic chemical dispersant called COREXIT. Well it did its job and “dispersed” all the crude oil to the bottom of the ocean. Wow…what a surprise!

Gulf oil

The attached video is a “Must Watch” that explains precisely what took place and the bold and arrogant cover-up that followed perpetrated by BP with the help of the US Government. You might also like to know that the weasel placed in charge of this catastrophe, Tony Hayward, has gone onto greener pastures. No, he did not join an environmental group. He is now working with Nathaniel Rothschild (I kid you not. Obviously Tony meets the criteria of skullduggery that the Rothschild’s embrace) at Genel Energy, who are big into exploiting the troubled Middle-east. Genel Energy was granted oil exploration rights in Syrian and the Golan Heights, basically occupied Palestine – “Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights, to Genie Energy.” -Complete article found at:

Rumours claim that Tony has a permanent erection at the thought of extracting oil whilst knowing that women and children are being butchered by the Israeli forces. Not much difference that the Gulf, is it Tony? If we then add in Rupert Murdoch to the list of scum…well, what more do we need to know? -The Warrior

“Halliburton has plead guilty to destroying evidence in the investigation surrounding 2010’s Gulf of Mexico Oil spill, the largest accidental oil spill in history. This case represents a major milestone in how the world understands environmental damage, and culpability for it.

Reuters reports the oilfield services company will be required to fork over “a maximum $200,000 statutory fine.” The company also made a voluntary $55-million payment to the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. This isn’t exactly a huge hit for the company. Second-quarter earnings results, released earlier this week, show Halliburton’s revenue rose 1.1% to a record $7.3 billion dollars, with net income of $679-million.” Complete article found at:

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