“Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.”


“Whatever Happened to the Future!” by Mark Vallen 1980

“Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies.” – George Orwell

Most of us are familiar with the concept of “Shooting (or killing) the Messenger” based on the writings of Greek historian Plutarch, used metaphorically throughout modern society.

Unfortunately though, it is not the actions of the dictators and Ruling Elite that we need to worry about, but our own. The most basic psychological concept concerning relationships teaches us about “projection”; the principle of holding others responsible for our behaviour and decisions. In todays socio/economic/political society we are governed by a variety of factions, many of which hold the unfortunate commonality of psychopathy in an “Empire of Lies”. Every aspect of our lives are infiltrated, controlled and manipulated. The only things not exploited are those that render no financial value or strategic advantage.Most of us are familiar with the concept of “Shooting (or killing) the Messenger” based on the writings of Greek historian Plutarch, used metaphorically throughout modern society.

However, the root problem is this. The masses don’t want to know that they are being abused or taken advantage of as apparently it is too embarrassing. Somehow the fear of truth if far more terrifying then the comfort of a lie. Lies offer many the opportunity to create a wonderland of justification and a self-sustaining safety net where fantasy is oh so reassuring. Pseudo philosophical words of advice such as “I have nothing to hide” or “Well the government had to do that, didn’t they?” are dispensed by the village idiot as if water-boarding was now some kind of breakthrough medical treatment or that the ban on free-speech was a constitutional advancement. This form of self-denial is often found throughout religions where a pious tract claiming that a particular god who had annihilate the entire population or a particularly pesky individual, was justified in their action based on righteousness and benevolence. This then magically turns the act of abuse into one of love. Fascinating!

Society is riddled with “apologists” both professional and amateur. They “apologize” for the modern medical industry and the harm that it does: “Death by Medicine” reported that almost 784,000 Americans (and statistically, 78,400 Canadians) are killed annually due to medical intervention.” Found at: “Death by Modern Medicine” by Dr, Carolyn Dean MD, ND. They “apologize” for the fluoride, toxins and poisons in our water and food source. They “apologize” for the introduction of draconian laws banning criticism, decent and outrage at government spending on “national security”; the very same government who illegally attacked foreign sovereign nations in order to steal their natural resource. And on and on. But the apologist will magically plaster over these “indiscretions” and lies and turn hatred and criminality into some kind of benefit for the masses.

However, the real tragedy is and always has been, that when given the chance to stop these crimes and the unrelenting move towards a complete totalitarian society, most people did nothing. This is actually a form of cowardice and the end result is that the small effort that could have been made, the raised voice that could have said “enough”….didn’t. The result is obvious and possibly irreversible. Too little far too late as the “Empire” lives on at our expense. -The Warrior