Amazing Fractal Art of Amandy Berk



“Amanda (Mandy) Berk was brought to this world on a vibrant afternoon at the height of autumn splendor.  Born in Toronto, Canada, Mandy was raised in a very loving, passionate & creative family. Art and music were a significant part of everyday life.  A musician herself, Mandy has played drums since the age of six and has been an avid music fan from as early as she can remember.  Her muse is innately drawn from sources such as music/rhythm, nature, the cosmos, universal patterns, quantum physics, the human psyche, and various forms of spiritual energy. Mandy has always been naturally attracted to discovering/interpreting/depicting the inter-connectedness of all things in this universe through her artwork & photography.  She currently resides in the west end of Toronto where she works as a free-lance photographer/artist.”

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