Bunchofuckingoofs…. Punk Lives!

Bunchofuckingoofs - Punk Band“DIRTY, DRUNK AND PUNK: The Bunchofuckingoofs were a punk band, art collective, bicycle gang and a group of loud-mouthed political agitators. They lived crammed together in Forts – punk versions of Andy Warhol’s Factory; a boozecan, recording studio and insane asylum. Here they slept in cages and made their own music, clothes and rules. Their name even made it onto the Berlin Wall. The music was angry, choppy poetry puked through a mike. What Spin magazine calls a “…gnashing brand of apocalyptic abuse metal.” Live shows were punk performance art. Fronted by Crazy Steve Goof; lead singer, alpha male and den father to a motley crew of misfits including Thor, Bambi, Uncle Anus, MadDog, Scumbag, Godzilla, Bones and Fetus.
Some of the stories in Dirty, Drunk and Punk are recalled from beer- addled brains, remembered through the haze of time or passed down through some kind of oral broken telephone. The stories may not be pretty but the book is. With hundreds of photos, posters and paraphernalia spanning the 25 years of craziness, you don’t have to be a fan of the Goofs or punk rock music to dig this book.”
-Found at: “Dirty, Drunk and Punk” by Jennifer Morton