Donald Trump and the Christian “Taliban”


Christian Knight

I have used the word “Taliban” as an expression not as fact. The word “Taliban” conjures up an idea, a picture of hard-line, intolerant, dogmatic extremism and these extremists are filling the ranks of Trumps new fascist government.

Recently, Trump appointed billionaire Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. But does anyone really know who this person is and her connections to extremist Christian Fundamentalist or what I call the “Christian Taliban”. She and her husband, Richard DeVos Jr., derive their wealth from Michigan-based Amway. This company was cofounded by Richard’s father that specializes in direct sales of home, health, and beauty products. But the truly scary thing is their association with Zealots and hate-mongers along with Erik Prince, Betsy’s brother, the founder of the notorious mercenary army Blackwater.

Today’s Christian Taliban is comparable to the Crusaders of Medieval times except for one thing. They are not just Catholics but include Protestants, with some being from the more stringent cults such as Baptists. Many share the long-term goal of the “End of Times” scenario and second coming of Christ, all part of the “Order out of Chaos” fraud.

They are fixated on ridding the world of heathen scum and not in a loving and caring way.  Let us call it a desire to return to the hay-day of the Spanish Inquisition, full of torture and mass burnings lighting up the skies; nothing like the sight and sound of a crackling body on a cold winter’s night. If this sounds like an exaggeration then be aware of Trumps association to the Christian private army known as Blackwater (renamed “Xe Services” in 2009, and “Academi” in 2011).

Erik Dean Prince (a Catholic Knight of Malta) is/was the owner of Xe Services, LLC formerly known as “Blackwater Worldwide” (most likely changed due to negative press because of their barbaric behavior and mass murders). He combines two of the basic characteristics of a psychopath, great intelligence and a feverish dogmatic fundamentalism, a trait useful when conducting a “Jihad”. Born a Calvinist he stepped it up a notch and converted to Catholicism giving him better credentials for persecution and hatred.

Blackwater/Xe/Academi is a “private army” consisting of mercenaries who fight for profit and whose salaries are paid by American citizens through their tax dollars to the government who then passes it on to the State Department and so on. The salary of a Blackwater mercenary is between $600 and $1000 per day. There has been little to no oversight of this company or any other private “security” company. Blackwater has been used to murder and intimidate Iraqi civilians in a drive to secure profits for American corporations and rob these countries of there wealth and at the same time reaping obscene amounts of money for themselves. Needless to say, bringing their form of “Christianity” to the heathens is always a bonus. 

“Blackwater is more than just a “private army”, much more than just another capitalist war-profiteering business operation. It is an army operating outside all laws, outside and above the US Constitution and yet is controlled by people within and outside our government whose allegiance is primarily to the foreign Vatican state. In other words, Blackwater is a religious army serving the Pope in Rome through the Order of Malta, which is itself considered under international law, as a sovereign entity with special diplomatic powers and privileges. Like Blackwater, the Order of Malta is “untouchable” because it is at the heart of the elite aristocracy.” –Found at:

Of course, in actuality, Blackwater is the modern equivalent of the Catholic Crusader armies, the army of the Pope, that swept across the lands of Europe and the Middle-East killing all heretics in its path to the Holy-land. It has deep ties with the Catholic CIA, different Christian front-groups and a host of interested parties.

“Meet Blackwater USA, the powerful private army that the U.S. government has quietly hired to operate in international war zones and on American soil. With its own military base, a fleet of twenty aircraft, and twenty-thousand troops at the ready, Blackwater is the elite Praetorian Guard for the “global war on terror.”

“Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army” by Jeremy Scahill,  is the unauthorized story of the epic rise of one of the most powerful and secretive forces to emerge from the U.S. military-industrial complex, hailed by the Bush administration as a revolution in military affairs, but considered by others as a dire threat to American democracy.” -Found at: The Investigative Fund, March 2007 

Erik Prince’s father, Edgar D. Prince, created the Family Research Council (however, you will not find his name on their website) along with Gary Lee Bauer, James Dobson, George Alan Rekers and Armand Nicholi, Jr. It was founded in the United States in 1981 and incorporated in 1983.

“Prince serves as vice president of the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation. Salon reports that “between July 2003 and July 2006, the foundation gave at least $670,000 to the Family Research Council, which his family founded, and $531,000 to Focus on the Family” headed by James Dobson.” –Wikipedia

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