President “Change” once was a Dream!

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….and so, the 45th President has just been sworn in and the world is aghast. Already there are demonstrations, marches and arrests and social media is on fire. If the antics of Trump so far are an indication of what is to follow, then it will be one crazy ride for at least the next four years.

The difference between Trump and Obama is similar to comparing a fillet steak to a over-cooked hamburger. Class verses Crass. Philosophy verses Psychopathy. Substance verses Subnormal. And we will be hearing this for a long, long time. But, of course, this is all part and parcel of the fake charade that we live in today. A beautiful slight of hand carried out by our controllers where a reality show is past off as fact.

However offensive the new President appears it is short sighted to claim that he is the problem. He is not. He is the symptom of a sick society. A society that has failed to separate fact from fiction and truth from deception. The real bitter pill to swallow is that we have also been conned into believing that President “Change” was our saviour and that he was better than Trump or the host of conmen that came before. Under the reign of President “Change”, here are a few things that certainly did.

National Debt: According to the Treasury Department on January 19, 2017 the US total public debt was $19,961,467,137,973.64. When Obama took office (January 20, 2009) it was, $10,626,877,048,913.08. Therefore, the national debt under Obama grew by about $9 trillion, or an increase of 86 percent.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps): When Obama came to office in 2009, – 33,490,000 were on Food Stamps. At the end of his Presidency in 2016 it was 44,219,000, a growth of around 10 million Americas equal to 13% of the population.

Conflict: Under Obama the US launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

Bombs dropped: In 2016 – 26,171 (The Independent). Approximately 3000 more than in 2015. Estimates run as high as a total of 100,000 bombs dropped by Obama during his 8 year tenure. Not bad for a Nobel Prize winner.

The core issue here is to try and understand the reality of what is actually happening. It’s easy to dismiss Trump as a bloated egotistical buffoon because he is. And it is equally correct to hold Obama in high esteem (even if some of his policies were unpopular), because he is a man of great integrity, poise and intelligence, or at least that is the way he appears to be.

But appearances are misleading and the psychological stress that we are experiencing has to be examined. Thus, there really is only two logical theories that are applicable.

Theory#1: The President of the United States is an all-powerful, omnipotent leader responsible for the actions and policies of America. Is he not referred to as the “Supreme Commander”? This means that Obama is a criminal, a reckless war-mongering psychopath with no regard for human suffering and a fraud to be given the Nobel Peace Prize. He should thus be arrested and charged with treason. Of course, if this was a reality nearly all former Presidents would have to be treated the same, certainly Bush One and Two.

Theory #2: The President of the United States is simply a puppet, a figurehead that has little to no power and is simply carrying out the orders of the real “Power behind the Throne”, a secret cabal that in fact controls America, sets policies and conducts business in their own self interest. This also would mean that voting for any President is a fraud and meaningless.

So, which one is it? We need to stop being mesmerized by the hype and surface nonsense. We have to hold those that serve us responsible for their actions. We must stop falling for the symptom and start examining the root cause. And this is not just in the US, but everywhere. -The Warrior