Image by Shephard Fairy** 

One of the fundamentals of all societies is obedience to authority. Throughout antiquity, and in more primitive societies today, children are taught to obey the rules or guidelines set down by there ancestors. Usually these guidelines concern the social aspects of cooperation, respect for others and the environment and a willingness to insure that future generations survive and prosper. However, in western society this has now changed to obedience of the State, but abuse of others is increasing and respectfulness is becoming a rare commodity. All this has been achieved through social engineering and a controlled society, which now pulses through our veins.

For thousands of years, an egalitarian way of life was common. However, with the rise of empire and the coveted desire to exploit and control other clans, other tribes and other “nations”, that balanced approach changed to domination and subjugation. Why work hard yourself when the exploitation of the peasant class yielded massive amounts of wealth and power. Our history books are filled with the stories of multiple civilizations that prospered on the profiteering of weaker groups.

Today the notion of empires is an illusion. The United States, for example, is actually not the aggressor that it is made out to be. It is the corporations that own America or Britain and elsewhere, that are the aggressors. They have achieved this status through the monopolization of resources, control of systems such as the financial industry, medical industry, food industry and even the legal industry. A cursory investigation into these systems shows that, not only are they wholly owned subsidiaries of mega-corporate networks, but that in a symbiotic relationship, they profit and feed off each other. What a wonderful bonanza it is when you can create sickness through a nutritionally deficient diet only to treat patients through money-gouging and controlled medical treatments. Of course, it has become necessary to demonize and ban alternative lifestyles and treatments, where the “expert” ridicules these as quackery.

Our obedience is essential to the welfare of the state-run system. A system that is predicated on abuse and exploitation of the masses. It is mandatory that we daily drink the state-sponsored “Kool-aid” which is forced upon us. Non-compliance is heresy. Belief in the fantasy we call “Media”, belief in the fantasy we call “Freedom”, belief in the fantasy of “Choice”, is just that. We have not progressed, we have succumbed to industrialized mass brainwashing by the State-Corporation. We Obey!   -The Warrior

**“Another week, another stunning poster from the folks at Mondo. They might have outdone themselves this time; they’ve partnered with street artist and graphic designer Shepard Fairey — he of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster and all sorts of amazing graffiti seen on buildings around the world and in the epic documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” — for a new poster of the classic film that helped inspire his aesthetic. John Carpenter’s “They Live” is one of the wackiest, boldest, and coolest movies of the 1980s: a stinging rebuke of Reagan-era consumerism and an over-the-top action movie starring wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. In the film, Piper’s character finds a pair of sunglasses that enable him to see the subliminal messages buried in marketing and advertising, along with the evil aliens disguised as humans who are controlling our minds with them. The subliminal messages say things like “NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT” and “OBEY” which became the lynchpin of Fairey’s own street art style.”