Max Headroom for President!

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In an exclusive interview with Max Headroom, Fux News was made aware that Mr. Headroom has decided to run for President in the November 8th, 2016 election. When asked by Fux News anchorman, Ben Dover, why he had left it so late to announce his candidacy, he said; “Many have accused me of just being a talking head, or that I repeat myself, but, but, but,… I consider that I am the logical candidate. I have a good head on my shoulders. In the fake, plastic world of politics, I represent a clear choice in comparison to the other candidates. Trump and Clinton are nothing more than robots. They, they, they,…drivel on about the economy rather that focus on issues such as dead fish. And my German is perfect as you can clearly see.”

In the video below, Headroom spells out his domestic and foreign policy. There is nothing fake about this guy and we at Fux support his campaign completely. The American people need a fresh new President, one who will bring about “Change”.

Matthew George “Matt” Frewer (born January 4, 1958) is an American Canadian actor,[1] singer, voice artist, and comedian. Acting since 1983, he is best known for portraying the 1980s icon Max Headroom,[2] Hades‘ henchman Panic in Hercules, the retired villain Moloch in the film adaptation of Watchmen,[3] Doctor Leekie in the Canadian science fiction drama Orphan Black, and Sherlock Holmes in four Hallmark Channel productions.” Found at Wikipedia