Global Hijacking

pirates_of_the_caribbean_on_stranger_tides-t2In a bygone era, ships were hijacked by pirates on the open seas, plundered and relieved of their valuables, and if not burned, then sent on their way. Pirating, robbery, vandalism and theft have been an integral part of society and humanity since we were apes. Over the centuries bigger and more elaborate schemes were hatched. However, we, the average person, see “theft” strictly as the illegal acquirement of physical things. Objects, in other words. We never consider that the loss of “rights”, for example, is theft. The problem with “rights” is that they are not universal, equal and balanced, they are simply a benefit or freedom that is bestowed upon us by what we refer to as “Government”. And as is said “As they giveth…they taketh away”.

If we reexamine this concept of theft to include ideas, freedoms and subjective concepts, then it becomes shockingly clear that humanity has been plundered repeatedly to the point that we are virtually destitute. Our fundamental human rights appear to hang on the whim of authorities dispensing benevolence on behalf of a nebulous “Ruling Elite” who are beyond the confines of law and justice. The concept of suffering, limitation and rules never effects this lot.

In the early 1900s the medical profession was hijacked by the Rockefeller and Carnegie  Foundations. After doing an extensive “purge” they banned or demonized all traditional healing or what we call today “Holistic”. They applied a bureaucratic system where ever practitioner had to pass through a lengthy and expensive training program in order to obtain a “License” and of course to brainwash them. “Licence” is a euphemism for making something the authorities deem illegal, legal as long as you pay for it. So caring for another person was banned in essence. The only “legal” entity that could undertake this function was a doctor, basically someone trained in the art of healing for cash and in essence a franchisee just like a lawyer. No one can practice outside of the system and faces prison time if they do and all “alternatives” are demonized and ridiculed.

Of course the hijacking of the medical profession, which now is a conveyor-belt industry, is only one theft. Another “Industry” is food. Governmental departments were setup years ago ostensibly to supervise and ensure food safety. Today the situation is somewhat different where these same departments safeguard the inclusion into the food source of toxic poisons that have been proven dangerous some years before, such as fluoride. It was know during the testing trials to evaluate fluoride’s safety that is was not. This is close to one hundred years ago where the data was fudged, manipulated or simply destroyed. Through the ingestion of toxins there is a double benefit. First, we become less likely to challenge the system because we are not operation at peak performance and second, our illness then feeds back into the medical system.

When you add to the list the theft of free speech (an ever growing problem), civil liberties and general freedom, it is not a great situation. All of this of course is exacerbated by an ever growing threat known a “Terrorism”. Are modern-day terrorist, the pirates of old, the only difference being that instead of the bootie and plunder staying in their hands, they are actually hijacking the world on behalf of the “Ruling Elite”? -The Warrior