Kill for Jesus #2

Bumpersticker found in the United States

It is difficult to say when choice, bias and preference, gives way to bigotry and hatred. Are we born with a hate gene? One would image that hatred, or at least a strong dislike, would be based on experience. For example, I personally hate poached white fish, such as sole. When I was a kid my mother insisted on serving this to me along with leaving the skin on. This slimy delight was so repulsive, that the gag-response was only a matter of time. So, I can honestly say that I “hate” that food dish. Therefore, my hatred is based on experience.

Kids often say that they hate school or they hate homework and sometimes, actually quite often, they will say that they hate someone, usually another kid, a school-mate. As we mature, this impulse often wains as our emotions are not so polarized. That being said, there are many who hate other humans, other cultures and especially religions that differ from their own. At first glance this might be understandable. Look how many people root for a football or hockey team to the point of completely demonizing some other rival. I would say, that at the root of this mentality is an overwhelming need to belong to a group, to be an “insider”, and as so often seen in society, simply follow the other sheep and subscribe to the predictable herd-mentality.

However, when talking about hatred of other religions and societies, the blatant reality is that the bigot in question has about as much personal information and experience as they do about open heart surgery…meaning none.

In-other-words, they are completely ignorant. So where does bigotry and hatred come from if the hater has never met, mingled or mixed with the demonized group in question? The obvious answer is that it came from the controllers and administrators of the group of which they are a member. It is a fact that kids are only race-sensitive if influenced by their parents, close family members or the social group they belong to. Kids are “colour-blind” and understand basic fairness.

The reality is that bigotry and hatred are taught, and they are always taught for a reason. “Our group is better than their group” is the usual slur that the crusaders chant in an effort to rally the troops, due to the fact, that at the very core of this behaviour are people who are manipulative, insecure, and often unstable. People, or groups, who build their strength on the subjugation of others, normally through the use of slander and demonization, are fundamentally psychopaths; meaning lacking moral or ethical beliefs. Strangely, they are often the ones who claim the “moral high-ground”, expounding spiritual and godly claptrap. The best tell-tail sign is when the group claims special privileges and that “god” (usually one that they or their founders created) has blessed them with being “Chosen”. 

The sad truth is that bigotry and hatred are the domain of ignorance. Ignorance is propagated by the “Shepherd” in an effort to control and influence the “Flock”. Ignorance on behalf of the flock is embraced, because they want to belong and have little to no self worth or moral integrity. This, of course, is the machine that drives the planet keeping spiritual development to a minimum and thus ensures that the masses stay stuck in a self-perpetuating vacuum. -The Warrior