As American as Apple Pie…

dd395-Apple-siteNews over the weekend (May 2015) is that Democrat Hillary Clinton has finally joined the 2016 Presidential election race. Her slogan is “Everyday Americans need a Champion. I want to be that Champion.” The question is, champion of what exactly? More corporate greed, more corruption,  more lies coupled with an increase in the loss of liberty? One can only imagine. Most other Dem. candidates are simply fluff to pad out the illusion of democracy.

On the Republican side we have an array of raving loonies starting with Ted Cruz (planning on nailing himself to a cross for his inaugural speech if he wins). Others include Rand Paul (what can I say), Rick Santorum (apparently wears a full-body condom so that he won’t get impregnated by a Liberal thought or if he shakes hands with a homosexual) and Rick Perry (just spell that “looser”). Of course no election would be complete without a Bush and todays flavour is Jeb, brother of George the “Shrub”, who is famous for his statement with regards to the illegal attack on Iraq… “…the United States and our allies have prevailed.” That was May 1, 2003. However, George might be suffering from PVE (premature verbal ejaculation) on that one since we are still there 12 years later. Mercifully John McCain (the godfather of ISIS) will not be a candidate although he plans to run for his Senate seat which he has held since 1987. So plenty more disinformation coming our way from Johnny.

Meanwhile the march towards total world dominance including a police-state, poisoning of our food-source and water through GMO’s, Fluoride and other adulteration, a controlled medical industry based on profit, a controlled and immoral justice system, a controlled and perverted media and entertainment industry fully engaged in cranking out lies, all topped off by our final destruction through transhumanism, (well if you can’t kill all the plebs then turn them into machines). But….as always happens, the American masses will line up, crying, sobbing and begging to get one more giant corporate phallus shoved up their collective anuses (with their government supplying the lubricant of course). More “Apple Pie” anyone? -The Warrior

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