Ai… “Release the Robots!”


Since the dawn of civilization, the single-handed goal of the “Ruling Elite” has been to enslave the People. After all, why work yourself when you can force others to do so. This “Ruling Elite” consisted of Kings, Lords and Nobles and of course the Church. About a thousand years ago, this privileged class ruled over the masses, who were classified as serfs, through the use of force, bondage and a denial of human rights. The era of feudalism.  Following the Black Plague and a massive loss in skilled man-power, there was a huge change within society and the emergence of what is referred to as the middle-class, along with sweeping reforms and the undeniable improvement of social conditions. And so, it became necessary to create new and intriguing ways to exploit humanity and get the masses enslaved once again using far less obvious manipulation and cunning.

Although today we have a decline in Royalty, there is a new ruling elite in the form of the Corporation. They have become our masters through the creation of monopolies, addictions and psychological grooming. Fundamentally, everything is owned and we are reliant on behemoth companies that do not have the best of intentions. There is only one goal and that is profit. We are not talking about capitalism, but kleptocracy, as they want it all.

Having nearly achieve the goal of total dominance, the objective now appears to finally eliminate  the “useless eater” and replace us with Artificial Intelligence (Ai), or more specific, robots. Several companies are working flat out to create a substitute for us including a leader in this field, Google (whose parent company is Alphabet Inc. Another subsidiary of Alphabet is Google X, now renamed to “X” and described by Wikipedia as “…a semi-secret research and development facility…”..). X recently acquired several tech companies including Boston Dynamics, Redwood Robotics and Meka Robotics. Google is also the creator of the Google ImplantTM that was conditionally approved by the FDA. According to an article found at realclearmarket: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced its granting of conditional approval to Google’s direct neural interface for implantation in Americans.”


So the people who want to implant electronic chips in our brains and now rated as the worlds most valuable company* edging out Apple, (… market value appears to be somewhere in the general ballpark of $560 billion, that’s more than enough to overtake Apple’s nearly $535 billion market value…), according to financial magazine Quartz, is heavily invested in Robotics. And what type of robots are we talking about. Welcome Atlas.

*This value would rank Google at around #23 in the World when rating countries by their GDP (Gross Domestic Production) being slightly more than Poland.

In steps DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a department of the U.S. Department of Defense. They have an annual budget of close to US $3 billion. Now, if trying to stay away from all the conspiracy theories, and acknowledging the fact that this agency has created some amazing hi-tech inventions, and that it markets itself as innovative and possibly for the betterment of mankind, we are still talking government here. Actually, the American government, and we know what a stellar job they have done when it comes to weapons, invasions and warmongering. So should we be surprised that Google hired Regina Dugan in an “executive” role knowing that Dugan was at one time the Director of DARPA?

“You probably don’t know Regina Dugan’s name, but for the past three years, she’s been director of DARPA, the military’s R&D lab. In a few weeks, she’ll be moving into an executive position at Google, becoming one of the most senior military officials to cross over to the private sector.” -Found at: “The Wire” March 12, 2012

Every years DARPA holds what they call the “DARPA Robotics Challenge” with more that US $3 million in prize money. In 2015, a Boston Dynamics robot called “Atlas” (designed with the oversight of DARPA) place second in the contest. The video below shows exactly the capability of these machines and you can be the judge as to what use they will be put to in the future. Please remember that after splitting the atom the technology was weaponized and used to bomb Japan.

Why would the research and development of robots be any different than what has come before. The “War” is always against the People. We are the enemy of the Ruling Elite, always have been and always will be. As long as we yield a profit through our labour, then we have value. Once labour can be transferred to synthetic Ai robots, we are useless. The wet dream of our rulers. –The Warrior