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  Knowledge is Power

Knowledge-Is-Power (2)

WarriorSlave is an Alternative Media Magazine where we bring you up-to-date information that is not available through MSM (mainstream media), or more aptly called “MLM”, mainstream “lie” machine. We live in a deceptive era where much is either hidden and/or distorted. Our mission is to cut through the lies in the search for truth. Although the primary focus is on politics, we are also concerned with health and other social issues that effect us all. Many of the old ways of healing have been demonized by the modern medical industry. Much of our food has been contaminated or bastardized to the point where there is little to no nutritional value left. Knowingly or not, we are chained to a system that abuses us and exploits us daily. We are the “fodder” that feeds this machine which is now running out of control. In the words of Sir Francis Bacon “ipsa scientia potestas est” (knowledge itself is power). However, if we do not put this knowledge into action, we have squandered our power.

There is no doubt that We the People are manipulated and exploited, and quite frankly, anyone who does not recognize this fact is living in a dreamworld. Unfortunately, humans are social beings that can be easily manipulated. Herd mentality is prevalent. Many keep looking for a “Saviour”, someone…anyone who will, not only relieve us of our pain and suffering, but also our responsibility. Evil exists and always has. This is a fact. However, we do not have to succumb to this force; we need to separate ourselves from the tyrants and abusers. We need to take control and take charge of our own lives. This is the revolution, not with guns and knives, but through non-compliance. Psychopaths hate to be ignored.

As a Media Magazine we have included photos, graphics, graffiti and art. The purpose of the “eye-candy” is simple. We like stuff that looks good. It does not have to serve some “higher” purpose other than make us smile. And as they say, a picture is often worth a thousand words.

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