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“The so-called “condition” for why a person might choose to resist conformity has been labeled by the psychiatric profession as “oppositional defiant disorder,” or ODD. The new DSM defines this made-up disease as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” and also lumps it in alongside attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, another made-up condition whose creator, Dr. Leon Eisenberg, admitted it to be phoney on his death bed.” -Found at:  by Jonathan Benson, April 2014

To recap: No proven data that phantom mental illnesses exist, only claimed conditions and illnesses that are voted on by the “experts”. No test what-so-ever that the “claimed” phantom illness resides with a patient. And lastly, no proof that the treatment of an untested patient for a phantom illness claimed to reside within them will ever be cured. In fact, no claim of a cure, only stabilization for the rest of your life at a high financial cost, of course. Wow.

“Here’s some depressing recent medical news: Antidepressants don’t work. What’s even more depressing is that the pharmaceutical industry and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have deliberately deceived us into believing that they DO work. As a physician, this is frightening to me. Depression  is among the most common problems seen in primary-care medicine and soon will be the second leading cause of disability in this country.” “Why Antidepressants Don’t Work for Treating Depression” by Mark Hayman MD. , Huffington Post


So here is the $64 billion dollar question. Why is this scam allowed to go on? Is it simply all about the money? Yes! Money all the way around. Although it is true that the antidepressant markets has declined over the last few years, much of this is due to patent expiry, the increase in generic brands along rebranding and “off-label” usage, legal in Britain but not the US at this time. Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline was fined $3 billion because they “illegally promoted the drug Paxil for treating depression in children from April 1998 to August 2003, even though the FDA never approved it for anyone under age 18. The corporation also promoted the drug Wellbutrin from January 1999 to December 2003 for weight loss, the treatment of sexual dysfunction, substance addictions and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, although it was only approved for treatment of major depressive disorder.” -Found at: USA Today, 7/2/2012

Correspondent Maria Bradshaw for “Mad in America” states “In my view what we are seeing is a strategic rebranding of antidepressants as treatments for non-psychiatric conditions which could only occur in an environment where doctors have a criminal disregard for patient safety while knowing they will not be held accountable for patient harm.”

So what kind of financial numbers are we talking about? “The U.S. antidepressant market peaked at $12 billion in 2008, lost $2.6 billion due to expired patents during the following years and currently stands at $9.4 billion (2013)…Currently, generics control over 40% of the market in terms of revenue and over 85% of the market in terms of prescriptions.”

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Of course we should not forget the revenue generated by the US government, specifically the FDA. If we ask the question, “How Much Money Do Drug Companies Pay the FDA?” as freelance health writer Jessica Wapner did in 2012, the answer would be… “In FY 2010, the total amount paid to the FDA for application fees was $172,238,150. Establishment fees (another, smaller component of PDUFA) totaled $183,328,513. Product fees (yet another, still smaller component) came to $173,709,880…That brings the grand total of PDUFA (The Prescription Drug User Fee Act) fees collected in FY 2010 to $529,276,543.”


The above mentioned article from the Daily Mail was based on a study published in “The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry”. At the bottom of the cover page is the conclusion made by the scientific team that conducted this analysis. It states:

“Many individuals who are prescribed and use antidepressant medications may not have met criteria for mental disorders. Our data indicate that antidepressants are commonly used in the absence of clear evidence-based indications.”

How is it possible that brain destroying drugs like antidepressants can be used, can be sold, based on no longterm scientific data proving their safety? There are no medical examination of the patient available or undertaken and an overwhelming avalanche of evidence that these drugs destroy lives, families, friends and have been proven to cause suicidal thoughts and suicide along with overt acts of aggression and inappropriate behavior. At his website Dr. David Healy has listed dozen of stories related to antidepressants (and other medications) and their disastrous side-effects. Todays antidepressant fraud is no different that the legalized lobotomies of the 1950’s or the claims that Eugenics was beneficial to society and moral. If we go back to the mid to late 1800’s, distinguished and renown doctors, scientists and political leaders embraced ethnic cleansing long before Nazi Germany made it policy. In fact American Harry Hamilton Laughlin was not only responsible for writing the “Model Eugenical Sterilization Law” in 1922, where upon 60,000 Americans were sterilized, he is also credited with being the “inspiration” for Adolf Hitler and his racial policies. In fact “Laughlin was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Heidelberg in 1936 for his work on behalf of the “science of racial cleansing.” Are antidepressant just the latest version of Eugenics, except this time one that pays huge dividends as they quickly destroy society? After all, a toasted brain is a compliant brain. -The Warrior

Some 90 percent of school shootings over more than a decade have been linked to a widely prescribed type of antidepressant called…SSRIs, according to British psychiatrist Dr. David Healy, a founder of, an independent website for researching and reporting on prescription drugs.” -WND News Media, December 18, 2012, by Jerome R. Corsi

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor or have any medical expertise. All the information contained in this article is based on research and the quotes are the opinions of those that made them. Discontinuation of medical treatment can only be made under the guidance and supervision of a medical doctor. If you are on any type of antidepressant or similar, never stop taking them cold-turkey as this can be very dangerous with server side-effects.