In the age of “Double-Speak” – 1984


If there is any censorship of expression, thought or “Free Speech” then we have a problem. We have laws to protect us from deformation, slander, promoting hatred, etc. We have laws that protect our children and we should have more. But, if someone expresses an opinion that is not slanderous or compliant with deformation, then it should not be censored. The recent event in Paris is a glowing example of totalitarian control and a double-standard. On one hand we have cartoons  designed to demonize a specific group and possibly create violence or a backlash, and yet any comment targeting Israel that does not place them above the rest of us mere mortals, is forbidden or worse…it is a blasphemy! 1984 and the Thought-Police are alive and well. “Double-Speak” is the language of the day. Free Speech is the right of all of us and not a gift from authority. -The Warrior