Postcard from Palestine

sewage in Gaza

“Dear Mum. The kids and I are in “Gaza World” for Spring Break. Not as fancy as Disney World, but still a smashing place to visit. The water-slides ‘ave fresh running sewage that our Israeli friends supplied free of charge last week when they opened the dam flood-gates. Disney might ‘ave “Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon”, but we have the Turd Tunnel. Really “splash-tactic” and the kids get an instant suntan. Uncle Bibi in Tel Aviv  has arranged a fireworks display using real phosphorous, so we will be all fired up for that party night next week. Love Mo.”

Warriors confront Evil

bohdi-sanders-warriors-confront-the-evil-that-most-people-refuse-to-acknowledge (1)

Some people have asked about the name “WarriorSlave”, that it is a contradiction in terms. Yes, of course it is. It is simply the juxtaposing of two words; “warrior” and “slave”. The unfortunate truth becomes clear, that the entire world is enslaved one way or another. We live in a dept system, beholding financially, not to our country or our family and friends, but to a secretive “private” banking network that extracts as much wealth from us as possible and leaves us in ruin. We are the “cash-cow” that is exploited at every level. Anything and everything that can be used against us, is. Food, health, taxation, banking, media, entertainment and on and on. Thus, we are slaves to this machine. But, we have the ability to be Warriors as well as slaves. Warriors have honour, integrity and self-control. Warriors know that they can be poor and physically weak, but posses strength-of-mind and strength of purpose. Warriors know what is right and do not need to be told by others. They do not need a Messiah or Saviour to raise them from the pit, they can do it for themselves. They do not need to beat others and steal their inheritance, their property or their freedoms. They do not build themselves up at the expense of the rest.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Warriors knows that evil exists, that it is real, but they don’t turn and run away, they confront it. Warriors fight for their families and friends, not for some evil cabal that has lied to them for centuries. The same cabal that robbed them in the first place, yet told them that someone else did it not them. Warriors break free of the chains that bind us to servitude, hatred and bigotry. Warriors realize that everyone has a right to be a Warrior. -The Warrior

In the age of “Double-Speak” – 1984


If there is any censorship of expression, thought or “Free Speech” then we have a problem. We have laws to protect us from deformation, slander, promoting hatred, etc. We have laws that protect our children and we should have more. But, if someone expresses an opinion that is not slanderous or compliant with deformation, then it should not be censored. The recent event in Paris is a glowing example of totalitarian control and a double-standard. On one hand we have cartoons  designed to demonize a specific group and possibly create violence or a backlash, and yet any comment targeting Israel that does not place them above the rest of us mere mortals, is forbidden or worse…it is a blasphemy! 1984 and the Thought-Police are alive and well. “Double-Speak” is the language of the day. Free Speech is the right of all of us and not a gift from authority. -The Warrior

Why Israel Lies by Chris Hedges….

Why Israel Lies“All governments lie, as I.F. Stone pointed out, including Israel and Hamas. But Israel engages in the kinds of jaw-dropping lies that characterize despotic and totalitarian regimes. It does not deform the truth; it inverts it.”

“I saw small boys baited and killed by Israeli soldiers in the Gaza refugee camp of Khan Younis. The soldiers swore at the boys in Arabic over the loudspeakers of their armored jeep. The boys, about 10 years old, then threw stones at an Israeli vehicle and the soldiers opened fire, killing some, wounding others.”

Breaking – from FUX NEWS!

FUX News Logo

Breaking News Flash

Stunning Israeli satellite images reveal Hezbollah’s latest secret weapon. Pictures appear to show the latest ICBM (Inter-Continental Bullshit Missile) known as the Hezbollah “Habibi” -Mark 17b. Estimated as having an effective rage of around 15 feet (4.6 metres), this supersonic stealth missile is of great concern to the Israel government, along with it’s allies. Retired weapons expert and owner of “Milty’s Kosher Deli and Matzo Emporium”, Milton Slotnick, told the Israel Times that he was shocked and surprised at the sophistication of this advanced weaponry. “It is exactly what we have warned about with regards to Iran trying to develop a nuclear device using “Glow-in-the dark” paint from a Timex watch. These terrorist will stop at nothing. Try the Chicken soup.”

In a recent comment from the White House, President Obama said, “Let me be clear. We, as Israel’s premier supported and major funder, using American’s hard earned tax dollars, will not idly stand by and allow the terrorist organization Hezbollah to stockpile these weapons-of-mass-desperation (WMD’s). Israel has every right to self-defence and it is immaterial that Hezbollah is reacting to Israeli aggression. Just because Israel created Hamas in order to sabotage any peace negations on behalf of the PLO is not important.”

Habbi Rocket

Former President, George “Double-Yah” Bush, famous for his statement, “We have prevailed”, said in an interview with FUX NEWS, that he was very disappointed with this latest developments. When asked by reporter Anderson Pooper to comment, he responded; “…er, fool me, er…twice, sorry once…and shame on you…no, …er me. Fool me twice and then the shame that is or was on me, is then on…you. Oh, fuck! Whatever! Laura…where’s my brain?” Mr. Bush is recovering nicely.

The Israeli President made a passionate plea today when addressing the United Nations. In it, he reinforced Israel’s commitment to détente and negotiations. His most poignant statements was … “Help us or we will blow the planet to fuck!” He went on to say: “We can assure our critics 100% that these deadly rockets are NOT made out of cardboard toilet-tube rolls…honest, and cross my heart.”


Hezbollah “Habibi” -Mark 17b. Power: Solid-state fertilizer/chicken shit propulsion. Range: 15 to 20 ft. Height: 42 feet (approximation calculated on the average height of the Elvis look-a-like terrorists working on the rocket captured in this spy footage. Please note the three insurgents wearing fireproof gold suits. This proves that Hezbollah numbers in the billions and this information is as reliable as Colin Powell’s speech regarding “Weapons of Mass Destruction” in Iraq.

Reporting from Washington: Dick Lipshitz, FUX NEWS. “You can always trust FUX”

Disclaimer: For anyone with an IQ below room temperature, this is known as satire.

“Fighting for Peace is….”

zippo-lighters-vietnam-war (1)


It is a great shame, that roughly 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War, our young men and women are still being shipped off to foreign countries to fight and die in the name of greed. These wars are not to protect our families or to bring freedom to the oppressed. They simply fill the Bank accounts of the rich and famous…our controllers. Dying for them is not honourable, it’s madness.

Image of Zippo lighter

Postcard from Palestine


“Dear Mum. As you can see, a new 5-star luxury hotel complex has just opened in Gaza. All the investments came from Israel and the United States, who poured million into this spectacular project. No expense was spared. Just look at the landscaping. Restaurants, swimming pools and even horse rides for the kiddies. It’s really overwhelming and we must all remember to thank Mr. Netanyahu for this massive creation. It could not have happened without him. Your loving son, Mo”

Buyer beware…

Brain-washing - Dave Dees

The expression “buyer beware…” is one most of us are familiar with. Often used with regards to purchasing a car or any large item, it is applicable to many things. However, one that it is not, is information, or more specifically, “News Media”. Here the slogan should be “Buyer beware of Bullshit!”.

“No one outside America any longer believes the US media or the US government… You can’t believe a word the American media says. If they say anything correct, it’s just an accident.” -Paul Craig Roberts

For millennia, the average peasant had no knowledge of the philandering’s and indiscretion of their liege lords, how many bastard children they had sired or who’s chalice had been poisoned. European “royalty” is a who’s who of liars, traitors and inbred psychopaths, but even today they are treated like…well, like “royalty”. Unfortunately, peasant mentality has a very short memory compounded by an extreme fascination with shiny baubles. Ogling Kim Kardashian’s tits appears to be more important than whether we are on the brink of WWIII. Hey, and as tits go, they are dandies.

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years…” -David Rockefeller, speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting, Baden, Germany

It is unfortunate that this extreme lack of enquiry and concern does not register in the minds of the masses. Maybe one reason is that we are bombarded with horror-stories on an hourly basis and so ignore the “plan” that Rockefeller talks about. “Terrorist” attacks flow from mainstream media like the rapids at Niagara Falls, thundering down on us unsparingly to the point that now we are almost numbered by the brutality, whether fake or otherwise. But, similar to Kimmie’s tits, this information is shiny on the outside and grabs our attention, but on further inspection, there is not a lot going on inside. It really is a sad indictment of human integrity that a woman’s breast can trigger a greater response than the mass slaughter of Palestinian children, for example or the reality that our “controllers” plot and scheme against us.

Hacks, at least the ones I’d have round to dinner, still naively pursue something they like to call the truth. Their problem is that it no longer exists. For truth has been destroyed by public relations executives or “scum” as we like to call them.” -Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times , 18 May 2003

The best descriptor of todays mainstream media, or what I like to call the “great lie-machine”, is vacuous. Potentially full of hot air, bloated expert opinions and steaming piles of horse-dung, but ultimately empty of any real substance. It appears to be a competition on who can broadcast the biggest load of bollocks and still keep a straight face. The real tragedy is not the lies and falsehoods spread by these revered institutions, but the fact that the audience believes it at all. It’s not as if these fabrications haven’t been exposed regarding the Media, or for that matter, our Governments. But, apparently, this is their job. Years ago, a news paper would investigate and report, and more often than not, expose the misdoings of individuals, companies and politicos. Today, that task has fallen to “alternative media”, usually single individuals that read, research and post counter-comments to the crap on TV. Mass-Media is a farce. It is the latest episode in a never-ending soap opera of lies and disinformation dredged from the minds of sycophantic toadies who line up to shove their Pinocchio noses up the arse of their controllers. Tragically, it is not restricted to Fox News, the epitome of “yellow journalism”;  a racist, hate-mongering load that is peddled as if it had integrity. I am sorry, but you can’t wrap a dog turd up in gold foil and tie a red ribbon around it and then claim it is fillet steak. It’s still a turd. And the others are really no better, because, one way or other, they all broadcast the same manipulated and massaged dis-information. Just because someone talks with a British accent (BBC) does not make their information any more truthful. And, let’s face it; Britain did not conquer one-sixth of the planet handing out buttered-scones and rosebushes. They did it through lies, manipulation and scheming machinations. They were a great example to the United States who has taken over the role of “World Policeman” whether we like it or not.

It is a tragic reality that mainstream mass-media is a corrupt cesspool of lying scum; oh so happy to betray the populous in search for fame and fortune. It is mandatory that the troops who work for these corporations tow the line and self-censor their comments. Anyone, who breaks the rules and tells the truth is fired and possibly bl
ackballed. The only real benefit of these goons is, whatever they tell us, then believe the opposite.

As I said… “Buyer beware of Bullshit”! The Warrior

Artwork by Dave Dees:

Amazing artwork by Toni Moore


Toni Moore is a custom tattoo artist & fine artist, having worked in the tattoo industry for many years Toni has established a very successful name for her self & continues to move from strength to strength, currently working in Somerset. She has just opened Forever Bound, a custom and appointment only studio situated in a quiet part of Bristol. If you are interested in getting tattooed by her please do so via the contact section on this website.

Toni decided to start a clothing & apparel brand in 2013, taking inspiration from her love of fashion, street wear & the tattoo’s she personally design’s on a daily basis she is now striving to take the clothing world by storm.”

When Osama was Timmy….

Tim 2“…dressed in Docker’s clothing, was not a native Afghan any more than Olberg was. He was a 28-year-old Saudi. Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Ladin. “Tim Osman” was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments.” -Complete article found at link below:

Note: The author of this attached article was not a tinfoil hat wearing loony, he was renowned economist and writer, James Orlin Grabbe.

Postcard from Palestine

Man site in ruin, Gaza

Man sits in ruin, Gaza

“Dear Mum… ‘aving a smashing time here in Gaza. The ‘otel is a bit rustic and needs a coat of paint and the telly don’t work proper. It’s fully booked with dozens more dying to get in. Last night was a firework show put on by the IDF. Lovely people and no expense spared. I ‘erd that Mr. Obama actually paid for the fireworks since Israel is broke. We saw lots of lovely Israeli people watching the display from their deck-chairs on their side of the fence. One little girl actually got a sparkler dropped on her ‘ead. She lite up like a blooming candle. What fun. Gotta run as the IDF want to play more games. TTFN and hugs, your son Mo.” 

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