President “Change” once was a Dream!

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….and so, the 45th President has just been sworn in and the world is aghast. Already there are demonstrations, marches and arrests and social media is on fire. If the antics of Trump so far are an indication of what is to follow, then it will be one crazy ride for at least the next four years.

The difference between Trump and Obama is similar to comparing a fillet steak to a over-cooked hamburger. Class verses Crass. Philosophy verses Psychopathy. Substance verses Subnormal. And we will be hearing this for a long, long time. But, of course, this is all part and parcel of the fake charade that we live in today. A beautiful slight of hand carried out by our controllers where a reality show is past off as fact.

However offensive the new President appears it is short sighted to claim that he is the problem. He is not. He is the symptom of a sick society. A society that has failed to separate fact from fiction and truth from deception. The real bitter pill to swallow is that we have also been conned into believing that President “Change” was our saviour and that he was better than Trump or the host of conmen that came before. Under the reign of President “Change”, here are a few things that certainly did.

National Debt: According to the Treasury Department on January 19, 2017 the US total public debt was $19,961,467,137,973.64. When Obama took office (January 20, 2009) it was, $10,626,877,048,913.08. Therefore, the national debt under Obama grew by about $9 trillion, or an increase of 86 percent.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps): When Obama came to office in 2009, – 33,490,000 were on Food Stamps. At the end of his Presidency in 2016 it was 44,219,000, a growth of around 10 million Americas equal to 13% of the population.

Conflict: Under Obama the US launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.

Bombs dropped: In 2016 – 26,171 (The Independent). Approximately 3000 more than in 2015. Estimates run as high as a total of 100,000 bombs dropped by Obama during his 8 year tenure. Not bad for a Nobel Prize winner.

The core issue here is to try and understand the reality of what is actually happening. It’s easy to dismiss Trump as a bloated egotistical buffoon because he is. And it is equally correct to hold Obama in high esteem (even if some of his policies were unpopular), because he is a man of great integrity, poise and intelligence, or at least that is the way he appears to be.

But appearances are misleading and the psychological stress that we are experiencing has to be examined. Thus, there really is only two logical theories that are applicable.

Theory#1: The President of the United States is an all-powerful, omnipotent leader responsible for the actions and policies of America. Is he not referred to as the “Supreme Commander”? This means that Obama is a criminal, a reckless war-mongering psychopath with no regard for human suffering and a fraud to be given the Nobel Peace Prize. He should thus be arrested and charged with treason. Of course, if this was a reality nearly all former Presidents would have to be treated the same, certainly Bush One and Two.

Theory #2: The President of the United States is simply a puppet, a figurehead that has little to no power and is simply carrying out the orders of the real “Power behind the Throne”, a secret cabal that in fact controls America, sets policies and conducts business in their own self interest. This also would mean that voting for any President is a fraud and meaningless.

So, which one is it? We need to stop being mesmerized by the hype and surface nonsense. We have to hold those that serve us responsible for their actions. We must stop falling for the symptom and start examining the root cause. And this is not just in the US, but everywhere. -The Warrior


Banksters are just like Mr. Creosote

Mr CreosoteThe financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 was the biggest theft ever and most likely, if it had been any bigger, would have ended our civilization as we know it. The only thing that eclipses this crime in shear gob-smacking amazement, is the utter lack of outrage by the general public and American’s in particular. Staggering! The complacency that followed this is just beyond belief.

The crime was simple. Take a financial vehicle, a bond, that smelled like dog shit, that was as reliable as pond ice in July, that was wrapped in more toxic excrement and then class as Triple A, prime beef. An investors dream.

Then, when the shit literally hit the fan, when this noxious putrid hologram was exposed for its counterfeit vacuum, the governments (mainly the United States) did the only thing it could to cover up the crime. It took the publics money, the very people that had been screwed by the Banks in the first place and gave it to the criminals who knew exactly what they were doing.

The sad part is that if you don’t understand that you have had anal penetration like never before, that the whole system is a fraud and that your corrupt government colluded with the Banksters… well to be honest, you will never understand anything in the world we call reality. A great movie that explains this crime is “The Big Short” found on NetFlix. -The Warrior





“In Burtynsky’s images, it is the insatiable human appetite for the world’s raw materials that is of primary interest. The tools of manufacturing are sometimes included, but they often function simply as a measure of the immense scale of the scene before us.”


“What is at first glance merely a scarred landscape becomes poetic evidence of resources spent, nature transformed as well as realized―or failed―hopes and dreams. The aerial images of the Silver Lake Operations at Lake Lefroy and of the pits and tailings at Kalgoorlie, along with the Dampier Salt Ponds are among the most handsome that Burtynsky has ever made. They combine a kind of mapping with a keenly felt experience of all the hard rock grit, dust and labour transforming these arid lands.”


Reclaiming our Power….


Based on what the daily news is broadcasting, breaking point in the United States of America and elsewhere is imminent. If mainstream is telling the truth, it appears to be self evident. Violence is now happening daily. Murder, police brutality (and against the police), rage, rape, theft….the list goes on. But for some mysterious reason, no one knows why. Oh, sure, the pundits and politicians have answers, as do the mainstream media and talk show hosts. The buffoons that call themselves leaders, or at least, potential leaders, always have some glib and meaningless explanation, usually consisting of three of four words. “We need a wall”… “Kick out the Muslims”…. “Less government involvement”…”…a Carbon Tax…” and on and on. Sound-bites that are as empty and meaningless as the vacuums found inside the “Experts” head. 

But is this really what is going on? Recently, Fox News was exposed for hiring a fake intelligence expert (Wayne Simmons), who, according to the Washington Post: “…claimed to be something of an American James Bond… In his public speaking engagements and frequent appearances on Fox News, the purported former CIA operative spoke authoritatively about terrorism and clandestine intelligence operations, which he claimed he helped run for nearly three decades.” Matt Zapotosky, October 15, 2015

Fakery and disinformation is apparently not a recent problem. In the words of John Swinton, former managing editor, The New York Times (and New York Sun)…  “There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.” This, by-the-way, was over 100 years ago. What do you think the situation is now?

We know that some of the stories on mainstream media are fake and the “alternative” and social outlets are often no better. Why? Well, if you clear way all the dazzle and political clap-trap, it is actually quite simple. It is called “social engineering”. We are being “engineered” using disinformation and a fake controlled reality that is designed by the highest members of society and expedited by their wholly-owned subsidiary known as “government”, then distributed through the controlled media and the fake “alternatives”. They are the enforcers and jackals who sell their souls for financial gain and implement the machinations of the ruling elite. This is also self evident.

However, there are no lack of real social issues to be concerned about. We have people rioting in the streets regarding politicians (Korea), we have protests over clean water (Standing Rock) or the banking system, welfare, healthcare and much more. Our problem though is a lack of coordination or  working together for a common goal to solve these issues. We have gun battles taking place in the US similar to an OK coral shoot-out. Daily, Black youth is killing each other due to drug problems, a lack of role models and because they are still marginalized and leaderless. We have some indigenous peoples drinking themselves to death for similar reasons all based on hopelessness. We have homeless and drug addicts living in squalor and disabled hidden away and paid a pittance. Young warriors who went to fight for their country (a bogus patriotic lie, as the real reason is to steal the wealth of another nation), return home only to be disenfranchised, forgotten and left to rot. “Gun control” is a joke. There will never be gun control in America as it is too lucrative and serves the purpose of population control. Police have killed more citizens since 9/11 (estimated to be higher than 5000) than soldiers killed in war over the same period. And, of course, this dire situation is not exclusive to the United States. Several European countries are examples of our “progress” and it is happening elsewhere.

There really is only one problem and that is knowing where the heart of the issue lies. Is there a root cause and if so, what is it? It is not with the outrageous slaughter taking place or the gross injustice that pervades society, every pore saturated with corruption like pigs at a trough. It is with us, the ordinary, peaceful and law-abiding citizen. Why? Because we have allowed this holocaust to happen. When we should or could have done something…when we might have spoken out, we did not. It was left to handful of heroes who had the guts to say “Stop! This is not acceptable”, and look what happened to them. The tragic mistake is always looking for a leader, a guru, a messiah to lead us out of hell and to the promised land. This has never happened and it never will.

But there is hope. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has demonstrated that we have the power. We always had the power, but unfortunately we often give it away. The way forward is conversation and discussion. Not the debates and discussion found on TV, on the news shows, the fake neoliberal pundits that claim they are for society and humanity, but in fact are greedy hipsters espousing expanded kleptocracy. Real grassroots debate, where quantity is replaced with quality. The quality of life, health, happiness, etc. Forming multiple cells as forums for change. We must break our addiction to corporate power, to corporate greed. We must hold the elected politicians responsible and in fact stop electing these shills. Whatever we do, we must do it now, because it is already late. Personal power and personal responsibility is our only hope. -The Warrior


“We the people…”

We the People

“When I, the People, learn to remember, when I, the People, use the lessons of yesterday and no longer forget who robbed me last year, who played me for a fool–then there will be no speaker in all the world say the name: ‘The People,’ with any fleck of a sneer in his voice or any far-off smile of derision. The mob–the crowd–the mass–will arrive then.” -Carl Sandburg



Health through Smoking

11-vintage-lucky-strike-cigarette-ad-e1323274703441“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, and our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of…. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.”

“Propaganda”, written by Edward L. Bernays in 1928

Art from Pablo Amaringo

Auca Yachai

Auca Yachai by Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo was an acclaimed Peruvian artist, renowned for his intricate, colourful depictions of his visions from drinking the entheogenic plant brew Ayahuasca.

His vivid and detailed paintings, filled with animals, plants, spirits and mythological beings, illuminate the shaman’s world. In his paintings he meets the living spirits of beneficial as well as harmful plants, the visitors from distant galaxies, and the ancient and wise guardians of esoteric knowledge.” -Wikipedia


“C.L.U.M.P.” – Clinton/Trump Alliance


Often it is difficult to know why we do what we do and even harder to understand other people’s behaviour. Maybe we feel that what is obvious to us should be obvious to them, but apparently it does not work that way. And the deciding factor, when talking about behaviour, has to be our psychological state and more specifically our personal beliefs. What many fail to recognize is that the controlling elements of society are experts in understanding both human behaviour and human control. The most powerful “guiding force” is not physical, but psychological and these techniques are studied and understood by those that make policies, laws and decisions for the People.

Unfortunately we are also lazy. The vast majority will never do any meaningful research concerning politics or social issues. We feel that half an hour watching the “News” is all that is necessary to be informed. This is correct if you want to be fully aware of what the controllers want us to know, but this and truth then diverge. The public message is purely designed to appeal to out psychological believe system and herd us in a direction of control so that we are easily exploited. Of course there are also failsafe systems imbedded into the system. Trolling, shilling and “Shooting the Messenger” are all tools used to influence and discredit any opposition. One of the most useful is the job of the apologist and they come in both professional and amateur status.

-The Apologist

The traditional role of the professional apologist has been used for millennia in connection to religion. Their job is to take religious texts that are filled with hatred, suffering and pain and then massage them into something palatable to the masses finished off with statements that “God loves you”. However insidious and manipulative these “experts” are, they are not as dangerous as the individual apologist, the private citizen who excuses the criminal behaviour of the governments and officials. Here the citizen has taken a stance of dismissal and disbelief when presented with information that blatantly exposes the fake reality created by our controllers. They dismiss the evil and cruel actions of politicians and officials by claiming that although everyone is a criminal, this particular candidate is the best of the bunch and will do a swell job once elected. Fundamentally, a politician would have to be filmed and broadcast on the 6.00 o’clock news having intercourse with a donkey before anyone would say anything.

-Presidential Race 2016

The current Presidential Race is a glowing example of ignorance and fundamental stupidity on the part of the voter. The “ignorance” that I am talking about falls into two categories: Those who’s intelligence is challenged and those that blatantly ignore the truth. The second group is far more troubling than the first. They are intelligent and educated and do not suffer from the inability to be discerning and picky. However, for some bizarre reason they choose to ignore the data and information that shows the corruptness of the candidates running for Presidency. The only logical explanation is that the individual suffers from some form of mental “virus” such as cognitive dissonance, something that our controllers are well versed with.


“Psy-ops”, or psychological operations, is the technique of psychological manipulation often used during warfare. It is designed to demoralize, deceive and confuse the enemy in the hope that eventually they will capitulate. Unfortunately, similar methods are used daily to influence the public and the usual delivery system is mass-media. Simply put, the owned and controlled media influences the beliefs of the citizen and implants “truths” that are incorrect and false. Unfortunately, most will not look for corroboration and verification of this fraud for themselves as it is more comfortable to believe the lie than the painful truth. We also have to realize that all of the psychological discoveries of the last century and a half are useful tools in the battle for our minds. Combining “Herd mentality” along with fear, conformity and even the Stockholm Syndrome, “…in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors…”, it becomes clear why some many engage in behaviour that is self-defeating and self-destructing in the long term.


It is beyond speculation or theory that Clinton and Trump are friends. Multiple interviews over the years establish this as fact. Although the apologist like to say that they are definitely not friends now (in late October), this is still conjecture and is irrelevant. The issue is that Trump thought highly of Clinton and considered her and her husband to be allies. And this is exactly why Trump was chosen to play the role of adversary in this fake election. The question is why.

The negative reports and allegation concerning the Clinton’s over the years is massive and so it must have been obvious to the “Power behind the throne” (those that actually control events and society), that they had a problem in the marketability of Hillary Clinton. They needed a controlled stooge, fake opposition, to run against her and clear the way for the final showdown. Trump went on to win the Republican Party’s nominee for President. Immediately following this the scandals start to emerge in the final act of this “made for TV” drama. Strange that no one knew about all these issues before hand. And we should not overlook that controlled media and the role that they have played in demonizing Trump and promoting Clinton. Strange again that tapes and videos emerged at just the right time after sitting in vaults for years. Highly believable that none of these scandals were known before? Also talkshow hosts and comedy shows have had a field day in mocking Trump and thus promoting Clinton. All part of the orchestrated and fake reality we live in. But then again, why would we ever believe that any news media or reporter would ever do their job of exposing truth.

For the apologist, none of this is important. It is not important that both Trump and Clinton are friends. It is not important that Clinton’s campaign was sponsored by George Soros to the tune of $6.5 million, the same person who forgave a debt (financial loan) to Trump for around $112 million ($160 million less payback of $48 million) for a second mortgage on one of Trump’s projects in 2004. It is irrelevant to the apologist the claims concerning the murder of dozens of people connected to the Clinton’s. It does not matter about Filegate (FBI files on GOP enemies),      the email scandals, Chinagate, Travelgate, Benghazi or the claims of rape by Juanita Broaddrick, and other abused women such as Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones in connection to Bill Clinton. None of these issues have any effect on the brainwashed apologist that is hellbent on committing moral and social suicide. And the sad truth is that the mesmerized fool who brushes aside the overwhelming amount of legitimate issues connected to the Clinton’s (and many other politicians) are responsible for the state of our society. It is not the corrupt and sycophantic politician that is to blame, but the ignorant apologist who, not only lives in a fantasy world, but keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over. We should not blame the psychopaths that feed at the trough, but ourselves for allowing it to happen. As has been said… “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you will get what you got”. -The Warrior


Voting is a Fraud….


“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

This often repeated quote is attributed to Einstein (although it could have come from a number of people or just a modern-day meme). Although there is logic in this approach, in regards to  voting, apparently it does not apply. So the question is, why not?

Most “Westernized” countries today are called democracies and Greece is usually considered the birthplace. The Greeks used “Direct Democracy” based on natural law, meaning that the individual citizen “meet to discuss all policy, and then make decisions by majority rule”. Unfortunately this was limited to males only. “Direct Democracy” was replaced by an “Indirect” or “Representational” system for practical reasons, where Representatives were chosen by vote to make decisions on behalf of the People. The United States is considered a Democracy, but technically it is a Republic (as stated in the Pledge of Allegiance).

On the surface, this system is considered to be optimal and of course can not be compared to dictatorships, Fascism of Communism, all of which eventually fail. So why does this system appear to be coming apart at the seems, and why is the state of the planet (let alone nation) falling into ruin? The reality, however unpopular, is that the “system” has been hacked, usually through massive donations from interest groups, and although there are multiple examples throughout history, the current Presidential race in the United States is definitive proof that the whole concept of democracy is a sick joke.

-By the numbers

If we examine the statistics, they give us a better understanding of the true situation. Taken from an article that appeared in the New York Times on August 1, 2016, the actual number of people that voted for either Clinton or Trump is as follows:

-The United States is home to 324 million people.

-103 million of them are children, noncitizens or ineligible felons, and they do not have the right to vote. (Balance = 221 million)

-88 million eligible adults do not vote at all, even in general elections.

-An additional 73 million did not vote in the primaries this year, but will most likely vote in the general election.

-The remaining 60 million people voted in the primaries: about 30 million each for Republicans and Democrats.

– But half of the primary voters chose other candidates. Just 14 percent of eligible adults — 9 percent of the whole nation — voted for either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton.”

Found at:

So the math shows us that out of 221 million eligible US voters, only 60 million actually voted in the Primaries. That is about 27%. Of those, only half voted for either Clinton or Trump equalling 14% (13.57%) collectively. The actual numbers that voted for Trump was 13,300,472 and for Clinton 15,805,136, thus, 6% for Trump and 7.15% for Clinton.

Found at:

As if these numbers were not insipid enough, we than have to consider the motivation of the voters. In a survey published by the Pew Research Center on 2 September, 2016, it states:

“Among Trump supporters, 44% say their choice is more a vote for Trump than a vote against Clinton, compared with 53% who say their vote is more against Clinton than for Trump. Those who support Clinton are slightly more likely to say their vote is more for the candidate (53%) than to say their vote is against Trump (46%).”

This unbelievable statistic means that out of the 6% of Americans that voted for Trump in the 2016 Primaries, only 44% (5,852,207) voted for him based on the belief that he would make a good President. This means that only 2.64% actually voted for Trump in a positive way and the rest through fear or distrust of Clinton becoming President. For Clinton it was higher at 53% (8,376,722) who voted based her campaign, which equals 3.78%, and the rest was made up of voters who distrusted or disliked Trump. How could anyone consider these stats as a winning  display of democracy?

Found at:

The above statistics don’t lie. The voters that choose Trump based on his campaign, policies, personality, etc., is 2.64% of the voting public. But in terms of the total population of the United States and generations to come, it represents 1.8%. For Clinton, the number was 3.78%, and again in terms of the total population of the United States and generations to come, it represents 2.59%. However, the failure of democracy, is that now the Primaries are over there is only a choice of two dubious candidates and all opposition is eliminated.

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