Zionist Genocide…That’s old news!

Does it become clear that the genocide taking place in Palestine, and elsewhere, is no different than the genocide of Indigenous People of the Americas? Is this why Christian Zionist support Israel? Some haunting words from the past.de-bry-1c-conquistadors_article_column

Illustration by Theodor de Bry, published in 1552 in ‘A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies’ by Spanish Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas in 1542 .

“And the Christians, with their horses and swords and pikes began to carry out massacres and strange cruelties against them. They attacked the towns and spared neither the children nor the aged nor pregnant women nor women in childbed, not only stabbing them and dismembering them but cutting them to pieces as if dealing with sheep in the slaughter house. They laid bets as to who, with one stroke of the sword, could split a man in two or could cut off his head or spill out his entrails with a single stroke of the pike. They took infants from their mothers’ breasts, snatching them by the legs and pitching them headfirst against the crags or snatched them by the arms and threw them into the rivers, roaring with laughter and saying as the babies fell into the water, ‘Boil there, you offspring of the devil!’ Other infants they put to the sword along with their mothers and anyone else who happened to be nearby. They made some low wide gallows on which the hanged victim’s feet almost touched the ground, stringing up their victims in lots of thirteen, in memory of Our Redeemer and His twelve Apostles, then set burning wood at their feet and thus burned them alive. To others they attached straw or wrapped their whole bodies in straw and set them afire. With still others, all those they wanted to capture alive, they cut off their hands and hung them round the victim’s neck, saying, “Go now, carry the message,” meaning, Take the news to the Indians who have fled to the mountains. They usually dealt with the chieftains and nobles in the following way: they made a grid of rods which they placed on forked sticks, then lashed the victims to the grid and lighted a smoldering fire underneath, so that little by little, as those captives screamed in despair and torment, their souls would leave them….” -Bartolomé de las Casas(c. 1484 – 18 July 1566) was a 16th-century Spanish historian and Dominican Monk. -wikipedia 

“Child Sacrifices tied to Vatican, Mafia, Canadian PM Stephen Harper”

Dave Dees - Sacrifice There is overwhelming evidence with regards to Satanic Cults, Child Sacrifice and mind-control. Following WWII the CIA started Operation MK-ULTRA (mind control) after installing many top Nazi’s into prominent positions. Around 2500 criminals were transported out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. This information is so diabolical that many do not realize that some top officials and important people are involved. One mentioned in the attached article is Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper.  As well, there are many that have come forward making accusation against these monsters and have been taken seriously by some courts. -The Warrior

“Cardinal Lacroix, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Denis Lebel, the Ninth Circle and it’s mafia arm Ndrangheta are already under investigation for the planned sacrifice of two children in Westmount Quebec on Aug. 15 and the Sept. 28 death of Head of Ottawa’s Human Trafficking Division Kal Ghadban, plus were considered prime suspects in the October 22 shooting of soldier Nathan Cirillo in Canada’s capital,” said Annett. “Our sources come from the Ottawa police, Interpol operatives, journalists in Rome and members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, European Parliament and Jesuit Order in Rome.” Full article found at:


It is even more interesting when we find out that the Harper Government has just cut funding of a program “to prevent the most dangerous, high-risk sex offenders from repeating their crimes…” Full article found at: 


“The federal government is cutting funds for a program designed to prevent the most dangerous, high-risk sex offenders from repeating their crimes, just as its own five-year study has found the program dramatically improves public safety and saves money.

The 18 Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) programs across the country now have about 700 trained volunteers who help safely reintegrate offenders from prison back into the community.

Most sites are now preparing to close after funding from the Correctional Service of Canada ends March 31.”

Germany Files War Crimes Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld…

CheneyDevil“But, of course, you know, Cheney just showed us exactly why you have to — have to prosecute torture. Because if you don’t prosecute it, the next guy down the line is going to torture again. And that’s what Cheney said: ‘I would do it again.’” -Complete article found at:


War is Peace….

1984“You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” —George Orwell, 1984.  

“None of us are perfect. All of us bend the rules occasionally. Even before the age of overcriminalization, when the most upstanding citizen could be counted on to break at least three laws a day without knowing it, most of us have knowingly flouted the law from time to time.

Indeed, there was a time when most Americans thought nothing of driving a few miles over the speed limit, pausing (rather than coming to a full stop) at a red light when making a right-hand turn if no one was around, jaywalking across the street, and letting their kid play hookie from school once in a while. Of course, that was before the era of speed cameras that ticket you for going even a mile over the posted limit, red light cameras that fine you for making safe “rolling stop” right-hand turns on red, surveillance cameras equipped with facial recognition software mounted on street corners, and school truancy laws that fine parents for “unexcused” absences.” -Complete article found here:


Harper….Canada’s Dictator

senate-page-brigette-depape (1)“Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper is spending immense amounts of taxpayers’ money to promote himself, his government, the oil and gas industry, his neoconservative ideology and his neoliberal big-dog-devour-little-dog economic dogma – and this kind of propaganda machine does not bode well for Canada’s or any country’s democracy…” -Joan Baxter


Victim to Survivor….


“Forgiveness has nothing to do with absolving a criminal of his crime. It has everything to do with relieving oneself of the burden of being a victim – letting go of the pain and transforming oneself from victim to survivor.” -C.R. Strahan

“Cluster bomb victim Hammoudi Samir Haj Moussa relaxes in a little pool at his house at the Al Rashidie refugee camp, South Lebanon.”


The lunatics have taken over the asylum…

Harper in Israel


Stephen Harper might be dismissed as simply a tinpot dictator from the frozen north; a dour and unimaginative leader of the Canadian Conservative Party. Unfortunately his choirboy image and doughy looks belie a man who’s agenda is far from benign. A combination of John Alexander Macdonald meets Ronald Reagan, he poses a threat, not only to Canadian society, but to Canadian freedom. Unfortunately for Canada, this is a man who has based national policy on his own warped perspective of history and reality and allowed his ego to decide what is good for the country.

Canadians are somewhat lacking in emotion and engagement with regards to their Government. Generally speaking, we are reasonably tolerant, relatively modest and tend to embrace a great game of hockey, a smokin’ bbq and a cold brew above issues of national/international importance. This rather benign attitude is now coming back to haunt us. Ridiculous claims are made by some media channels (CBC) that their cutting-edge programs hold our politicians “feet to the fire”. This empty claim can only be counted with, “what feet, where?” Through our disengagement and ignorance, we now have a situation where the Harper government feels it is appropriate to severely limit our freedoms with the introduction of Bill C-51. According to the CBC, “Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said on Twitter ahead of the vote that he was urging “all MPs to support the Anti-Terrorism Act 2015 to better protect Canadians from the terror threat.” The unfortunate truth is that when a government wants to “better protect” its citizens, it usually means “better control”.

Harper’s Conservative cabal also wants a ban imposed on wearing a niqab at citizenship ceremonies. Rafe Mair, former B.C. cabinet minister, called it “not only wrong, but also racist.” Mair went further claiming that the Bill C-51 was based on “exploiting fear.”

“Journalist Glenn Greenwald also reminded the audience their chances of dying from an intestinal disease or a bathtub slip-and-fall accident greatly outweigh the possibility of being killed in a terrorist attack. “And this fearmongering is a very dangerous, yet very effective form of persuading people to submit to things you otherwise wouldn’t submit to,” he said.”  -Found at: www.huffingtonpost.ca

It is truly a tragedy that the Canadian public appear to be completely unaware that Steven Harper is simply using his political office to further his personal beliefs or more accurately his bizarre religious ones. He is a member of a cultist religious group called “The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)”, basically part of Evangelical Missionary Alliance, with core values of being “born again”, a second coming of Christ and Armageddon (or “End-times”). Other prominent Canadian Evangelicals include Preston Manning, Stockwell Day, Jr., (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – PAOC) and Charles McVety, president of Canadian Christian College. McVety is a self-righteous loony and hater of all things homosexual. He also has some dubious connections, one being Dutch politician, Geert Wilders (who wants the Koran banned), a rabid racist and anti-Islamist. McVety invited Wilders to speak at the Canada Christian College in 2011. Although Wilders claims to be non-religious, he is a staunch supporter of Israel, has apparently visited the country 40 time in the last 25 years, and his wife also happens to be Jewish. What a coincidence.

According to wikipedia: “McVety is also the National Chairman of Christians United for Israel, a sister organization to its American counterpart led by John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Benny Hinn” some of the most loathsome and disgusting people on the planet. Falwell, a racist with a dubious moral record, was himself a “Christian Zionist” as is John Hagee, described by Marci McDonald as the “undisputed star of the show: Reverend John Hagee, the Texas televangelist…packs eighteen thousand born-again Christians into his Cornerstone Church in San Antonio every Sunday and whose fire-and-brimstone broadcasts reach an estimated ninety-three million homes around the globe”, the primary guest speaker at the McVety’s Canada Christian College in May of 2006. McDonald goes on to say:

“But McVety and others on the religious right are equally convinced that Harper is one of their own. “We’ve got a born-again prime minister,” trumpets David Mainse, the founder of Canada’s premier Christian talk show, 100 Huntley Street. They see him as an image-savvy evangelical who has been careful to keep his signals to them under the media radar, but they have no doubt his convictions run deep—so deep that only after he wins a majority will he dare translate the true colours of his faith into policies that could remake the fabric of the nation. If they’re right, it remains unclear whether those convictions would turn government into a kinder, gentler guarantor of social justice for all or transform the country into a stern, narrow-minded theocracy. And what would his evangelical worldview mean for international relations?” -The complete article can be found at: thewalrus.ca/stephen-harper-and-the-theo-cons/

“Christian Zionism” is a hybrid religious movement that gained traction in the early 1900’s with the publication of the Scofield Reference Bible. Written by Civil War veteran Cyrus I. Schofield and sponsored by World Zionism under the supervision of Samuel Untermyer, New York lawyer and leading American Zionist. “World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation.” This so-called “Christian Bible” created a new fable, one where Christians would now honour the role of Judaism and support the founding of a Zionist Jewish nation, that being Israel. It is stunning that any organization has the power to re-write another religion, because this apologetic “holy book” did exactly that and completely changed the complexity of Christianity setting Israel at front and centre.

“This connection might have remained hidden, were it not for the work of Joseph M. Canfield, the author and researcher who discovered clues to the thread in Scofield family papers. But even had the threads connecting Scofield to Untermeyer and Zionism never been exposed, it would still be obvious that that connection was there. It is significant that Oxford (the publisher), not Scofield, owned the book, and that after Scofield’s death, Oxford accelerated changes to it. Since the death of its original author and namesake, The Scofield Reference Bible has gone through several editions. Massive pro-Zionist notes were added to the 1967 edition, and some of Scofield’s most significant notes from the original editions were removed where they apparently failed to further Zionist aims fast enough. Yet this edition retains the title, “The New Scofield Reference Bible, Holy Bible, Editor C.I. Scofield.” It’s anti-Arab, Christian subculture theology has made an enormous contribution to war, turning Christians into participants in genocide against Arabs in the latter half of the 20th century.” -“Why Judeo-Christians Support War” by C. E. Carlson

So as we can clearly see, the schemes and machination of Harper’s “Theocracy” (Government ruled by or subject to religious authority) has now come to pass. Bill C-51 is a deliberate policy designed to stifle and gag anyone who disagrees with dictator Harper and especially censors any criticism of Israel. This is all based on some bogus claptrap regurgitated by men who have profited beyond comprehension for supporting apartheid Israeli policy and the mass-murder of women and children, all in the name of self defence. The abhorrent fact is, that this Christian cult promotes hatred, intolerance and the blood-sacrifice taking place in Palestine and this cabal is running Canada. Their core values are based on Iron-aged nonsense massaged by Jewish interest groups who are overwhelmingly delighted that Canada and the US are happy to sacrifice their young men and women for the greater good of a foreign nation. Could this be construed as treason?

Harper and his ilk, support the psychopathic regime of Israel and their genocide of Palestinians. This is not Christianity as I know it. Even the core claim that this Bill is specifically designed to keep Canadians safe from ISIS is open to scrutiny since an overwhelming amount of information has come to light that ISIS, just like al Qaeda, is a western construct as is Hamas and as trust-worthy as Colin Powell’s claims about “weapons of mass destruction”. As Marci McDonald goes on to say, Canadians need “the realization that slowly, covertly, the political process is being co-opted by an extremist vision of Christianity.” Unfortunately, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. -The Warrior

Postcard from Palestine

sewage in Gaza

“Dear Mum. The kids and I are in “Gaza World” for Spring Break. Not as fancy as Disney World, but still a smashing place to visit. The water-slides ‘ave fresh running sewage that our Israeli friends supplied free of charge last week when they opened the dam flood-gates. Disney might ‘ave “Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon”, but we have the Turd Tunnel. Really “splash-tactic” and the kids get an instant suntan. Uncle Bibi in Tel Aviv  has arranged a fireworks display using real phosphorous, so we will be all fired up for that party night next week. Love Mo.”

Warriors confront Evil

bohdi-sanders-warriors-confront-the-evil-that-most-people-refuse-to-acknowledge (1)

Some people have asked about the name “WarriorSlave”, that it is a contradiction in terms. Yes, of course it is. It is simply the juxtaposing of two words; “warrior” and “slave”. The unfortunate truth becomes clear, that the entire world is enslaved one way or another. We live in a dept system, beholding financially, not to our country or our family and friends, but to a secretive “private” banking network that extracts as much wealth from us as possible and leaves us in ruin. We are the “cash-cow” that is exploited at every level. Anything and everything that can be used against us, is. Food, health, taxation, banking, media, entertainment and on and on. Thus, we are slaves to this machine. But, we have the ability to be Warriors as well as slaves. Warriors have honour, integrity and self-control. Warriors know that they can be poor and physically weak, but posses strength-of-mind and strength of purpose. Warriors know what is right and do not need to be told by others. They do not need a Messiah or Saviour to raise them from the pit, they can do it for themselves. They do not need to beat others and steal their inheritance, their property or their freedoms. They do not build themselves up at the expense of the rest.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”

Warriors knows that evil exists, that it is real, but they don’t turn and run away, they confront it. Warriors fight for their families and friends, not for some evil cabal that has lied to them for centuries. The same cabal that robbed them in the first place, yet told them that someone else did it not them. Warriors break free of the chains that bind us to servitude, hatred and bigotry. Warriors realize that everyone has a right to be a Warrior. -The Warrior


In the age of “Double-Speak” – 1984


If there is any censorship of expression, thought or “Free Speech” then we have a problem. We have laws to protect us from deformation, slander, promoting hatred, etc. We have laws that protect our children and we should have more. But, if someone expresses an opinion that is not slanderous or compliant with deformation, then it should not be censored. The recent event in Paris is a glowing example of totalitarian control and a double-standard. On one hand we have cartoons  designed to demonize a specific group and possibly create violence or a backlash, and yet any comment targeting Israel that does not place them above the rest of us mere mortals, is forbidden or worse…it is a blasphemy! 1984 and the Thought-Police are alive and well. “Double-Speak” is the language of the day. Free Speech is the right of all of us and not a gift from authority. -The Warrior

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